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Apr 11, Mar 21, 3. Mar 11, 3. Maternity and pregnancy Accompaniment group for women mothers.

By Elena, October 4 In order to enjoy our discounts and promotions, you must be a registered user. This is his proposal: Who is addressed: Casal de Barrio Bac de Roda-Poblenou. Valencia Cami, Tel 93 24 47 Hours: Tuesday Osteopetits, the comprehensive health space specialized in women and children.

Hi, I am a single mother, I have two children one of 12 years and another of 29 months. I wanted to know if there is any help. I need it a lot thanks. A cordial greeting. I would like information about a pay that is requested at 55 years. I am from the old school … I learned working … Experience and desire I have a lot .. Thank you for your attention .. Hi, can you tell me the types of benefits and durations for single mother in the province of Aragon?

Thanks a lot! I received an aid eight years ago … I am a 21-year-old pregnant girl of five months I had to go live with my boyfriend who charges euros and her family that her father charges euros but we are six I have to buy everything and the money is not enough because they pay a mortgage euros month .

Hello everyone. Hello good: porfabor they throw me out of the house I need help I do not ask me to give me anything just if they can help me I do not want to give me anything I offer myself to do what work that is to my hand make me kedan days by fabor.

Hello, My Name is Chrystelle and I’m a Single Mum Living in Barcelona. I Decided Create The Meet Up Group Because There Are A Lot Of Women Single With Their. Single mothers by choice: the fight continues. Single mothers by choice Barcelona. I have sought all cinematographic intentionality in the holder of.

Hello my name is Carmen Alely Mejia Medina I am a single mother and I came for Spain for a better future for my 2 children to Eyod I leave them with my mother I am from Honduras I have 5 months of being in Spain and I am without papers and without work and me I’m alone I’m in charge of my children and my mother qm apolla I want to know if I can receive some alluda of apollo.

Hi, I’m a single mother, I have a girl from an Anio I Medium I io Nobe Cojio The E EC is given by first child that I have qe to leave me a MESJO LAENTEENA Yahoo.

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