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New countries have received Apple Watch Series 3 today. The users that separate on May 4 may go to the stores and buy the new parties interested in.

The first Nintendo game on mobile platforms finally felted due to the small success in which it obtained in two years since its launch.

Apple, developers with applications are warning that their applications will be removed from the App Store when sharing information such as 50 parties to remove the malicious code.

Apple can discuss with Goldman Sachs to start your own credit card to use with Apple Pay on their mobile devices.

A few weeks before the next WWDC opening Keynote, a new iPhone SE 2 rumors with a screen similar to iPhone X returned due to the leak of accessories.

From the coming year, Apple can start to introduce video stream services through the TV application, according to the latest rumors.

After earning all resources against the construction of a data center in Atherny, Apple decided to cancel the project for the new objection to the European Court.

Android P includes some changes that are excessively groundbreaking but improving user experience and most of us sign for iOS 12.

Ming Zhen has managed to set up Cydia to IOS 11.3 or in the same way: Apple has jailed an iOS version of some exploits where some exploits that the abominations in ios 11.3.1 are closed.

Google assistant has developed a lot with the news presented in Google I / O and has really enabled us to talk about the first assistant that can be considered such.

The review of the InstAwrist application, which is an application that brings the feedback back to our Apple Watch, the possibility to stop Instagram of the previous updates.

With the release of the next version of the Apple, the next version of iOS 11.4, the terminal’s lock is not opened within a week within a week, the devices with this version of iOS will prevent a new function to prevent the communication port.

Twitter will allow the creation of encrypted direct messages in the social network and thus test a new function that will increase the security of the information between users.

The new iPhone X Plus will arrive at the current iPhone 8 Plus with almost the same size but 6.5 inch.

Google adds one of the most expected functions by all users to the Gmail app for iOS; We can now postpone the e-mails to get it at another date and time.

Apple can use LG screens with new MLCD technology that reaches higher brightness with lower consumption for new 2018 iPhone LCDs.

Apple has posted the fourth beta version of iOS 11.4, a version that is still able to bring part of the promises that are still not fulfilled by the Apple since last June.

After the innovations of iOS 11, which allows us to do even more things in our iPad’s iPads, is returning to their sales levels four years ago.

The digital magazine service, which the Apple purchased several months ago, announced that Windows will stop working on June 30 to be lost from the Microsoft Application Store.

The PEOPLE, a magazine with Spanish pressure, has published an article in which all the photos used by iPhone X’s back cameras.

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